Parish church of Rufforth, Yorkshire

on the B1224 road from Wetherby to York

Sunday 28 January 2018


11.00 Baptism within Holy Communion

The Revd Jan Dash will baptise the twins Archie and Finley



At present we are in a Vacancy. Our services continue with the help of visiting clergy and our Local Team and everyone is very welcome to join in our worship.


We are very pleased to announce that The Revd Martin Otter has been appointed as the Vicar of Marston Moor as from the beginning of March. We look forward to welcoming him.



About the church


Built in 1894/5 the current building replaced the previous Saxon or early Norman construction. Killinghall stone with Whitby stone dressing is used in the Gothic style of architecture. Internally, suitable stone from the old church has been used. The two Norman doorways from the old church, one from the congregation and one for the priest, were preserved and refitted in the new church. The interior underside of the roof is of oak, barrel vaulted with carved bosses and carved figures. The Architects were Messres. Domaine and Brierley of York. With accomodation for 120 congregation the church is a grade II listed building and had a major maintenance and refurbisment programme undertaken in 1998.